In the best tradition of crime comedy...

MARGARET: Look, perhaps it would be easier if you just rated the things you don't like about me? Is it because I'm just out of the academy, I'm a woman or because I'm black? Maybe it's the way I dress.

ADAM: Yes, that's it. I find it's better to be inconspicuous.

MARGARET: Yeah, well you'll blend right in next time we stumble upon the cast of a 1960's cop show then.

About the Telemovie Script


When the Federation Star diamond is stolen from a small Australian country town it is up to world-weary detective Adam Merchant and his newly assigned partner Margaret Anderson to solve themystery- if they can stop sniping at each other long enough. Much more Monk and Banacek than CSI or NCIS.


Feature length pilot episode.


"The writer has a great gift for witty clever banter between characters..."
John Brousek, Script Assessor, AFC, 2002.

"... I particularly liked the characters... they are well drawn and bounce off each other with great dialogue..."
Gabrielle Jones, Script Assessor, AFC, 2002.

"... I enjoyed reading the script and said so in some kind of email..."
John Clarke, Media Personality, 2005.

" have written an entertaining and imaginative script, and we liked the mix of unusual characters..."
Network 10 Drama Department.

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