Simon Luckhurst as Nigel

That's such a great shot...

NIGEL: My film making had started off simply enough, an elegant two-hander. That had been followed by the inevitable costume drama with a cast of thousands. Next year it was a witty social comedy, then a biting satire looking at a vexatious contemporary issue. You see, by now my desire for recognition and public exposure was constant and every year I made a new film in an attempt to screen in the annual competition. My name is Nigel Dempster, and I'm a Crapfest-O-Holic...

About the Film


A bitter short film maker confronts the short film judges who constantly reject his work...


Cast: Sean McInnes, Sally Palmer, Robert Hernandez, Micheal Hodgetts, Dennis Jackson, Naomi Jacobs, Scott Nagy, Mark Pritchard, Brendon Taylor, Leah Thinee and Simon Luckhurst

Cinematographer and editor: Keean Murrell Snape

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Production Company: Left of Cantaur Productions


I think I spent about $100 on food for the cast and crew, and later some other money was spent on beer for Keean.


Short Sited 10, Wollongong NSW, 2006.

Notes on the Film

I'd entered Tropfest a few times, but had never been screened. The idea of making a film which demonstrated my feelings about this was too tempting to refuse.

We shot the film in a local theatre. Keean Murrell Snape used a Canon XL-2 and later edited at Relativity Studios.

We'd both wanted to do something in black and white and I also wanted to play a Woody Allen-type character.

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Naomi Jacobs and Mark Pritchard as Judges.

Leah Thinee and Robert Hernadez as Judges.

Sally Palmer as Hanna.

Scott Nagy as a Judge.

Sean McInnes as David.