Play with love...

SAMANTHA: Ziggy had found another tack. "I’ve analysed the total time Romeo and Juliet spent together,' he told us. 'It can’t have been more than six hours, tops. There are only 267 lines between them. 267 lines! One hundred and fifty to her, and a hundred and seventeen to him. You’d say more on a good night in a bar trying to chat up a Kardashisan! Although I’ve heard it can be done in less..."

About the Play


Being cast as Juliet in Shakespeare's greatest love story is one thing. If you were to reprise the role four more times, with each production directed more eccentrically than the last, a whole world of performance possibilities would open up for you. And along the way - wouldn't you learn a little something about love as well?

Discovering Juliet is a one-woman romantic comedy where we meet Samantha Reynolds, an actress who learns about life and love via her continual exploration of Shakespeare's most famous heroine.


Samantha, female, aged early twenties.


Sixty minutes.

Production History

La Mama Theatre, Melbourne, Australia in July 2000.

Directed by Paddy Lane.

Cast: Sarah Ford

Note: I had plans for a Sydney production of Discovering Juliet. I found an actress to play Samantha, I then found a director. All that happened over the next twelve months, however, was that the director sacked the actress. Sigh...


"There are some wicked satirical portraits of artistic self-indulgence... The playwright brings the sharp and satirical eye of the post-colonial to bear on sacred Shakespearian territory..." Helen Thomson, The Age, August 1, 2000.


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