'Welcome every one, to our first official day on the set of Juliet and Romeo.'

ZIGGY: And here's another idea. The Romeo and Juliet sex scene.

SAMANTHA: What sex scene?!

ZIGGY: Exactly! It's missing! This is supposed to be the greatest love story in the world. It's crying out for one. Here's some dialogue I've had prepared...

About the Screenplay


Based on my play Discovering Juliet, this screenplay expands on some of the concepts explored on the stage, while still asking similar questions about love and life.

Notes on the Screenplay

I wanted to further explore a character who was feted to keep playing Juliet.

From being a one-woman show I decided to go to almost the opposite extreme. Here is a fully-fleshed world, and a story which takes place on three continents. It still examines the same concepts though. What is love? How do you know when you're really in it? And why do those emus keep looking at me?

Read the Screenplay

If you want to read the script please email me at simon@simonluckhurst.com.