When you can't manage your own love life - manage everyone else's...

CHRISTINA: What do you think about love?

STEWART: Gees, I dunno. Love's like a flower, isn't it? It starts from a small seed, then grows into something beautiful.

CHRISTINA: That's very nice.

STEWART: It's what mum used to say. But flowers all die, eh?

CHRISTINA: What about everlasting daisies?

STEWART: Yeah, right.


STEWART: Believe me, the daisies cark it the same as all the rest.

About the Script


Original concept developed by Aaron Fa'aoso and Simon Luckhurst, pilot script by Simon Luckhurst .


Wendy and Donna run Love Inc, a traditional face-to-face dating agency. Their decision to go online means more clients, more discussions about relationships, more misunderstandings - and ultimately more love.


26-minute pilot episode.


Love Incorporated was a shortlisted finalist in the 11 Out of 10 2010 Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) Conference pitching competition.

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