This is the way the world ends: not with a whimper, but with a bang...

Night falls, the day departs, the ghosts return, arms reach to embrace the night, distant voices call from the caves in the hills.

Linking arms we’ll march and dance, and cry with younger lungs, and sing the songs we knew, and sing the painless songs, and sing the songs that made us dance, and sing the songs we knew, and sing the hopeful songs of youth, then sing the songs anew.

Come and catch me, in the fields, my legs are long and lithe, and as we run, I’ll sing for you, a song where I’m your wife.

About the Script


The aftermath of battle usually describes the soldiers - those who have left, those who stay, those who did not survive. But there are other stories to tell once the smoke fades into memory and the grass re-grows. These are the hidden accounts of war, the reminiscences of the experiences of the survivors: the laments of women and children, for what is missing - husbands, brothers, sons - but also lost innocence, stolen childhoods and irretrievable lives.

Aphrodite's Tears is set in Cypress, and utilises material from Euripides' The Women of Troy, as well as more contemporary accounts, to tell a story with a universal message.

Production History

Initial concept developed and commissioned by Much Ado Films.

Three radio plays commissioned by the Regional Production Fund of ABC Radio.

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