'This is what happened to me when I was fourteen, the year I became an adult, the year I was told my mother was dying...'

Susan and Marcia are riding the bus to school. As usual they are midway between the Geek Army and The Others.

MARCIA: Well, we're about two seats closer to the cool end of the bus this week. Did you look on the Dear Diary.com site last night? They're having a competition.

There is no reply from Susan.

MARCIA: I' d thought you' d be interested. A thousand bucks first prize.

SUSAN: You think I' m this great writer, but I' m just a kid dealing with her mom being ill. I write about what I feel. It’s not that special. I mean, what do you want from me? Some kind of brilliance at a time of crisis? You don't get it, Marce. I' m not that good.

MARCIA: No, you don' t get it, Susan. You are that good.

About the Script


Susan is your average 14-year old. This film looks at what happens to her after she loses her diary and her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Susan prides herself on her honesty, but when help is offered at the cost of her personal integrity, what will she choose to do?

Dear Diary.com is inspired by the "Dear Diary.com" website created by James T. Wilson.

Notes on the Film

James convinced me to write this movie. It was either write or keep listening to him trying to convince me. If you knew James, you'd know it wasn't much of a choice.

It was a good story, though. I really worked hard to paint Susie into a corner, and raised the stakes for her as high as I could. Then created a brilliant solution to her dilemma. Classic!

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