'You're not seeing anyone else are you, darling?'

NICK: Do I have to explain this every time? After Greta and I have been legally married for twelve months I’m entitled to everything she has. That’s 50% of millions for us, Yvonne. It’s already been ten months, so if you can just hold out and not become completely psychotic for another eight weeks we’ll be together again, just you and me and a huge bank account. Or I could just walk away today with only the clothes on my back. Which would you prefer?

Yvonne looks to Nick, and then at her phone.

YVONNE: It looks like the prank calls will have to continue for a while longer then...

About the Script


Nick is with Yvonne but has married rich Greta in an attempt to defraud her. Yvonne is not happy about Nick spending time with Greta, but is very keen get her hands on Greta's money.


Nick, early thirties
Yvonne, late twenties
Greta, late twenties


Seven minutes

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Notes on the Film

If you want to read the script please email me at simon@simonluckhurst.com. It's got a great twist.