The drama continues...

A second series of Kasa Por Yarn radio plays.

About the Plays


The Kasa Por Yarn (Just for a story) project was devised by Queensland Health as part of a multi-pronged strategy to develop and promote positive health messages for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in northern Queensland. Following the success of the first series, Kasa Por Yarn 2 was commissioned. As with the first series, input from the local community was an integral component of the project, and Kasa Por Yarn 2 had Sylvia Tabua and Patrick Mau in the role of community consultants.

Kasa Por Yarn 2 has a large following on Facebook, and also has its own webpage where you can download all 8 episodes of the play.

Production History

A workshop was held on Thursday Island and Badu Island in May 2011. The script was developed with a further workshop in the Northern Peninsula Area of far north Queensland.

Storylines and characters were discussed, and decisions were made as to which characters would return for the second series of the show.


The cast: Chiomi Fujii, James Nona, Rheenun Phineasa, Dani Bani and Joseph Sedan


Series II Intro Song ft Patrick Mau

Uncool Love ft Dani Bani

Baby Girl song ft Charles Passi

Living in the NPA song


Trip 1: Initial Workshop on Thursday Island and Badu Island

(There are more photos on Facebook.)

Ferry from TI

TI Sunset

Workshop at Bamaga High School

Patrick Mau, composer and cultural consultant

Heather Robertson, producer

Sylvia Tabua, performer and cultural consultant

Badu Island

Badu Island airstrip


Patrick Mau and Heather Robertson in Badu Island Community Hall

Cockpit controls

From left to right: Heather Robertson, Simon Luckhurst, Sylvia Tabua and Patrick Mau

Thursday Island dinghy

Sylvia Tabua and Heather Robertson

Trip 2: Northern Peninsula Area Workshop

Seisia, looking north

Seisia, looking north

Local wildlife: turkey

Local wildlife: mantis

Trip 2: Auditions on Thursday Island, Badu Island and the Northern Peninsula Area

Mango tree, Badu Island

Palm tree, Badu Island

Trees, Badu Island

Trees, Badu Island

Badu Island from the air

Not automatic door, Horn Island airport bus

It was a tough gig...