A search for meaning...

Dave: His last words. They must mean something. Like Citizen Kane.
Harvey: Bluebird.
Dave: Bluebell.
Harvey: Bird.
Dave: I'm sure it was bell.
Monica: It was Rosebud! (Under her breath) Jesus.

About the Film


A reunion bush walk goes horribly wrong leaving four friends to wonder just how well they knew Ken.


Monica: Genevieve Davis

Harvey: Tim Allen

Veronica: Ann Burbrook

Dave: Lajos Hamers

Ken: Rob Laurie

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Camera and editing: Keean Murrell Snape

Notes on the Film

An obvious reference to Orson Wells’ masterpiece shot in an afternoon with some talented friends and Keean Murrel Snape.

So good to be back on set with Genevieve, Annie and Tim again, and great to work on a film with Lajos for the first time.

And thanks to Genevieve’s parents, Ron and Julie, who let us shoot in their house.

Just kidding about Keean, who shot and edited with his usual professionalism. One of the great things about making films with him is having someone I can totally rely on, who works with no fuss and puts in 100% commitment and effort. His talent behind the camera allows me to focus on the actors, while he focuses on the, well, focusing. If it sounds like I’m trying to butter him up so he works with me on more films in the future, then that’s a dirty lie. I like to think these projects give us both an opportunity to be creative without the confines of the corporate world we spend so much time in.

Thanks also to Gerardo Ceres and Mariana Zurak at Relativity Studios for their continued support.

Music came from the wonderful Brett Hunt. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed. We used the track Wonderment from his album Corrugated Road.

Watch the Movie

Citizen Ken_HD1080_h264 from Simon Luckhurst on Vimeo.


Rob Laurie

Genevieve Davis and Lajos Hamers

Ann Burbrook, Lajos Hamers, Genevieve Davis and Tim Allen

Keean Murrel Snape