'There's one simple reason for crap movies, as I think I've told you before..'

MINGO: How can we make a film? We don't even have a camera.

HAMILTON: You just concentrate on what you do best.

MINGO: Criticising other people's work?

HAMILTON: Let your old Uncle Hamilton take care of the camera. You work on the script.

MINGO: But nothing quirky?

HAMILTON: God, no. Definitely not quirky.

About the Screenplay


The story of two low-budget film makers making a low-budget film about two low-budget film makers making a low-budget film.

Notes on The Film

I wanted to write something that made me laugh.

I always loved those banter-filled movies of the 30's and 40's, so attempted to emulate that style of film. I also wanted to highlight something which has worried me a lot over the last few years, namely why are most movies made today so incredibly bad?

Read the Script

If you want to read the script please email me at simon@simonluckhurst.com.