Picture: Renee Nowytarger

A matter of life and death...

Phone rings.

OPERATOR: Hi, Simon, sorry to wake you, we have a transfer.

SIMON: What time is it?

OPERATOR: Just after 3.30. How long will it take you to get to the office?

SIMON: I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Where are we going?

OPERATOR: Sunnydale. Bring a coat, it’s cold tonight.

About the Show

A little while back I worked in the funeral industry for a couple of years. It was an interesting experience where I saw and did things I never imagined, and which most people will never be exposed to. After my article on the subject appeared in The Australian on 12 October 2014, I realised I still had more to say about it.

Fun Days features interviews with a trainee embalmer, a funeral director, two funeral celebrants and showcases a selection of the music I had heard while attending more than 1000 funerals. This accompanying article also appeared on the ABC web site.

Broadcast Date

25 May 2016

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Fun Days

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Producer: Simon Luckhurst

Audio Engineer: Andrei Shabanov

Supervising producer: Lee Redfern


I sat riveted and even stopped washing up so I wouldn't miss anything. This brilliant program was both informative and entertaining - a perfect mix of reverence, reality and black humour with memorable music in all the right places. I was so impressed by the whole production. - Patricia Wiltshire