'Isn't that Louis Cincotta? They say he used to be pretty good...'

LOUIS: That isn't just a baby you've got in there.

CARLA: What do you mean?

LOUIS: It's the end of this part of my life I've always known. When the baby's born, I'll have even less time for training.

CARLA: There's plenty of people who still skate after they have kids.

LOUIS: I'm over thirty and I've never gone as far as I wanted. If I blow this race, I won't even go out winning.

CARLA: I think you're going to be the best father there is, Louis. I hope you win your race, and I'll be there cheering you on, but if you lose, I know you'll have given it your best shot, and from what I understand, that's a lot more important than winning.

About the Screenplay


A rites of passage film centred around the Iceland ice-skating rink. A funny movie with serious undertones. Think American Graffiti meets Strictly Ballroom on ice.

Notes on the Film

I used to go ice skating when I was a lot younger. Not that I was any good at it, and I certainly didn't race.

I went back to a rink after many years, this time with my kids. It struck me that the people still looked the same, as if time itself was on ice and had stopped somehow. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go an environment where time didn't move, even it was only to visit and escape the more unpleasant occurrences of the outside world? This screenplay describes such a place.

I applied for Australian Film Commission funding and someone eventually rang and told me Iceland had been short-listed but wasn't successful for that round, and that I should develop it further and enter it again. I applied for the following round, this time the feedback was that the script was now developed enough and didn't need any AFC funding. (The script may not have needed it but I personally wouldn't have said no...)


"... this project really needs to get a producer on board..."
Australian Film Commission (AFC) Script Assessor (name unknown).

Read the Script

If you want to read the script, please email me at simon@simonluckhurst.com.