A tale of insanity and redemption told by a mass murderer to a bunch of bugs.

The end of the world puts a wonderful perspective on life.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Actually, if you really want to know, the end of the world is a total load of crap. It’s miserable and awful and it stinks. I mean, really stinks, like it reeks. I mean it smells bad.

Although it’s not always that miserable. There have been some tremendous opportunities to do things I never dreamed were possible. I live in an expensive hotel, for example, although the total population of the world also lives here as well. All twelve of us. I own several art masterworks: a couple of Van Gogh’s, a Rembrandt, and a Monet (not one of his best, admittedly). I have Keith Richard’s guitar collection somewhere.

Downstairs in a freezer is the body of Madonna, however, since we lost power last week I can’t vouch for its condition.

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Severed Press.


No-one survives the disease that has struck down humanity. Once it hits and you're thrashing around in interminable agony, your best friend becomes the closest person with a gun.

There are twelve humans left, and I’m the healthiest. This means that one by one I’ll have to finish off the entire human race.

I am now a good killer. My parents, before I shot them the other week, said I was the best. But all this murder is really messing with my head – especially when I remember that the account I'm writing is likely to be read only by humanity’s successors, probably some species of intelligent mutant cockroach.

So join me as I take a gun to the head of the beautiful Kathy, enigmatic Tran, workmanlike Webber, continually sobbing Cleo, the marvelous Clutterbucks and drunken Felix.

I know what you’re thinking, though. Where does that leave me? Who will be my triggerman?

Well that, my six-legged friend, is the sixty four thousand dollar question…


This was an interesting and entertaining view of the worlds end. I like that the author did not go down the usual route of having a hero making his last stand, saving lives and generally being a great guy. Instead we have Ben. I am pretty sure, like me, you will not like Ben after the first few chapters of this book. He swears. A lot. He is a murderer and all in all a pretty foul human being. He chronicles the last few days of a group of people housed on the top floor of an expensive hotel. The strength of this book lies in the fact that you begin to understand and actually like Ben as the story progresses. He still has his flaws by the end, but hey, don't we all? It's gruesome and unpleasant, but well worth checking out if you like end of days books but are tired of heroes. Great stuff. - Adrian on Amazon.