Rowena Doyle, Sean Pardy and Simon Luckhurst

The real ethics of transplantation...

DOCTOR: As a professional sperm donor with RSI you'll need a hand transplant. We’ll operate in the morning.

DAMIEN: I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.

DOCTOR: Mastercard or Visa will be just fine.

About the Film


When a professional sperm donor develops RSI, can a hand transplant be the only answer?


Cast: Sean Pardy, Rowena Doyle, Elizabeth Surbey, Bel Macedone, Zoe Luckhurst-Lane and Simon Luckhurst.

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Production Company: Left of Centaur Productions


Once again, pretty low. I'd say about $300, and most of that was food for the cast and beer for Gerardo at Relativity Studios.

Notes on the Film

My flatmate's boyfriend had the idea of a sperm donor getting RSI, it was a natural progression then to hand transplants...

We shot in various locations around Sydney with the hilarious Sean Pardy in the lead role. We had arranged a good microphone, however this didn't appear, meaning the audio quality is pretty poor at times. This is a pity, because I think otherwise there are some pretty funny things in the film. Let me know if you'd like to see a script.

Glen O'Brien provided great work in the role of 'Crew.'

Relativity Studios once again provided post production facilities.